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Introduction to Stationary Battery Sizing Principles (EGS1112)

Battery types and voltages vary depending on the application they are intended for. Most common categories for standby power systems are Datacenter (UPS), Utility, Telecom, and other renewable energy applications. Learn about basic selection and sizing of standby power batteries including an example of sizing using constant current application.

About the Presenter:
Rick Tressler has been working with stationary batteries since 1985. His previous electrical experience includes working in the electrical construction and maintenance field. His battery experience includes installation, capacity testing, and maintenance as well as troubleshooting battery systems in a variety of applications; including industrial and data center UPS, utilities, and telecommunications. His total time in the industrial electrical and dc power industry exceeds 40 years.

Rick provides clients with his experience, knowledge, and training programs in numerous locations around the world. Training programs include battery fundamentals seminars, installation training, maintenance, and testing seminars as well as test equipment training. Instrument training includes ohmic testers, capacity testers, load banks, and digital hydrometers.

He has authored numerous Battcon and related industry white papers that address the real-world application, operation, maintenance, and testing of stationary batteries. He has also contributed numerous magazine articles for industry and trade publications.

Rick is a senior member of IEEE. He is also a member of the IEEE Standards Association and the IEEE Power and Energy Society. Since 1993, he has served as a member of the PES Energy Storage & Stationary Battery Committee. Rick served as Secretary, Vice-Chair, and Chair of the Stationary Battery Committee, now the Energy Storage and Stationary Battery committee (ESSB).

In 2007, Rick received the Battcon Battery Person of the Year award for his contributions to the industry over the years. He was the recipient of the Battcon lifetime achievement Hall of Fame award in 2017.

Credit Hours: 1.0

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